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Open Source Investigations on International affairs, technology and women in the world
A recent satellite image of Palestine published by Maxar

You may not think of satellite imagery when thinking about rebuilding communities after conflicts or disasters. And yet, satellite images can be vital in these efforts. So why are the satellite images we have of Palestine and Israel so blurry? And what impact does this have on rebuilding the region after decades of conflict? To start explaining this we need to go back to May 2021.

“I was under the rubble, waiting to die and I did not despair. There are a lot of memories still there, but the Israeli bombing buried them.” …

Fuel is the ‘blood of the military’ … and is critical to the life of the theater of operation. (U.S. Army Petroleum and Water Department, Fort Lee)

When you look up graphs of greenhouse gas emissions you will see all the emissions neatly categorised by different categories, like transport, and shipping, agriculture, waste, manufacturing and construction. But there is one category that is missing in nearly every single graph. And that is the military.

Militaries worldwide are excluded from disclosing how much greenhouse gasses like Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide they emit. …

A woman stands in a crowd of North Korean soldiers wearing a pink Hanbok
Source: Eric Lafforgue

Nearly 34,000 North Korean defectors live in South Korea. Some, like Lim Ji-Hyun, have over the years garnered some significant media attention, becoming true celebrities in South Korea. Others are living anonymously in the streets of Seoul and beyond. And some, like Kim Ryon-Hui, desperately want to go back home. What makes some defectors return to North Korea?

North Korea is isolated. The country shares a long border with China and Russia to its North and a violent history and the Korean Demilitarized Zone with South Korea in the south. North Korea is notorious for being one of the hardest…

Gioia Marzano

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