A woman stands in a crowd of North Korean soldiers wearing a pink Hanbok
Source: Eric Lafforgue

All Roads Lead to North Korea: The Defectors Who Want to Return to the Motherland

Nearly 34,000 North Korean defectors live in South Korea. Some, like Lim Ji-Hyun, have over the years garnered some significant media attention, becoming true celebrities in South Korea. Others are living anonymously in the streets of Seoul and beyond. And some, like Kim Ryon-Hui, desperately want to go back home. What makes some defectors return to North Korea?

Source: Damir Sagoli via Reuters
Computers without electricity. Source: Eric Lafforgue
The Jangori Prison Camp in North Korea. Source: Washington Post
Still image of Lim Ji-Hyun from the video uploaded to Uriminzokkiri
Kim Ryon-Hui. Source: The Guardian
An apartment block in Pyongyang. Source: Business Insider.

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