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  • Reynaldo Perez

    Reynaldo Perez

    Reynaldo Perez D.C. is an experienced chiropractor from Florida dedicated to helping people heal from illnesses and live healthier lives.

  • Maxime Labonne

    Maxime Labonne

    Research scientist at Airbus Defence & Space.

  • Brian Fleming

    Brian Fleming

    Currently looking for an opportunity to show a holistic approach to the CX process . All views my own.

  • Marco Bevolo

    Marco Bevolo

    Italian living between NL and Japan. 1967, born; 1994, Literature and Philosophy; 2016 Behavioral and Social Sciences; 5 books; 20 scientific papers; Keynote.

  • Sarah Marie

    Sarah Marie

    Curious Above All Else | Top Writer in Space | A little bit of everything: Science, books, life, self-care, fiction, poetry, nonprofits, and business

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